Executives of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and a delegation of the social security management center of the Chinese Human Resources and Social Security Ministry met at PFR on October 30-31, 2012. On behalf of the PFR Board, the Chinese delegation was welcomed by PFR Board First Deputy Chairman A.V. Kurtin who told them about history and key events in the development of the Fund and the long-term development strategy of the pension system in the Russian Federation.

The meeting presented the following reports:

  • o A brief review of the modern pension system in the Russian Federation

Mr. Sergei Chirkov Head, Pensions Assignment and Payment Department of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation

  • o Electronic public services

Mr. Nikolai Yelistratov Deputy Board Chairman of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation First of all, we would like to emphasize the amicable atmosphere and the involvement of Chinese colleagues in the debate and the constructive nature of the meeting.

Bearing in mind the interest of the Chinese colleagues in Russian regional social security practices, the seminar devoted much attention to the structure of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, the possibility of interregional re-distribution of pension funds, the administering and collection of insurance contributions throughout the country’s territory, and ways of delivering pensions to Russian regions, including remote areas. The sides said that vast territories of their countries required an efficient normative basis in the provision of pensions, and well-adjusted coordination and organizational efforts of social affairs agencies providing pension benefits and high-tech services based on individual approach to every insured person. Social Security Management Center Director Mr. Wan Fa Yung noted the significance of the meeting and the need for a more profound study of Russian practices in that area.

The sides said they hoped that the meeting would start bilateral cooperation in the field of social services and social security.