july 2020

Info on free parking of disabled persons available nationwide

It is now possible to receive a free parking permit for the vehicle transporting a disabled person or child online. The relevant amendments to the Federal Law on Social Protection of Disabled Persons in the Russian Federation took effect on July 1, 2020, as one more step to increase the accessibility of public and municipal services for disabled persons.

june 2020

Pension Fund extends till yearend fast-track assignment of pensions, social benefits

The Russian Pension Fund has extended a number of temporary measures in the assignment of pensions enacted in April-June due to the complicated epidemiological situation. The PFR will continue the online assignment of certain types of pensions and allowances, the provision of necessary information, the proactive extension and update of benefits assigned earlier through July.


Participants in pension co-funding program accumulate 7.7 bln rubles in 2019

Pension savings accumulated by participants in the pension co-funding program amounted to 7.7 billion rubles last year; the savings comprised voluntary pension contributions of participants and the government’s contribution made consistent with the program terms. Slightly more than 4 billion rubles were contributed by participants, and 3.7 billion rubles came as government co-funding.


Russian Pension Fund starts payments to guardians of disabled persons, senior citizens, children

The Russian Pension Fund has started payments to citizens who took in disabled persons, senior citizens, orphans or children left without parental care for assisted or temporary living in the period from April till June 2020. According to the government resolution, such temporary guardians are entitled to the monthly benefit of 12,130 rubles per every person they are taking care of.

may 2020


Funded pensions to grow 9.13% in 2020

Funded pensions will grow 9.13% this year. The coefficient has been endorsed on the basis of returns on last year’s investment of pension savings, which thrice exceeded the inflation rate (3%). Pensions of 80,000 people will be automatically adjusted on August 1.


Support for family with children expanded

The president’s order has expanded the entitlement of families with children to the monthly benefit of 5,000 rubles, which is provided for children younger than three in the period from April till June. Now the benefit is available not to only families with maternity capital but to any other families where the first child was either born or adopted between April 1, 2017, and January 1, 2020.

april 2020

More than One Million Veterans Received Special Benefit

The Pension Fund of Russia delivered special benefit to the World War II veterans on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War. More than one million veterans received this special benefit. According to the Presidential decree such benefits amount to RUB 75 thousand or RUB 50 thousand.

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