All-Russia contest «Thank you Internet – 2020» is launched today. The organizers of the contest are the Pension Fund and Rostelecom.  People aged 50 and older, who passed computer-based training and acquired internet skills, are invited to take part in the Contest. For participation in the Contest a person should apply online via the site «АBC of Internet», and enclose a competitive work made in the form of essay   in one of the following nominations: «Portal my personal experience», «My Internet achievements », «Internet-entrepreneur, internet -employer», «My public internet initiative», «ABC of Internet», what does it mean for me», «I am the Internet Star».

Competitive works are accepted until 14th October 2020; the results will be announced in  November.

The winners will be determined by the jury, comprising the representatives of Rostelecom, Pension Fund of Russia, Ministry for Social Policy of Nizhegorodskaya oblast, Russian Association of Electronic  Communications and Regional Non-governmental  Center or Internet Technologies.

The contest «Thank you Internet »was organized for the first time in 2015 with more than 2 thousand participants. Since then more and more representatives of the older generation took part in it. In 2019 4,500 persons from 79 regions of Russia were among the participants of the Contest.

All-Russia contest «Thank you Internet – 2020» is conducted  within  the project «ABC of Internet»  and  its purpose is to make state electronic services more accessible  to the aged , maintain active longevity and provide for employment of pensioners and persons of the preretirement age.

Training tools and internet –portal «ABC of Internet» were developed in the context of the agreement on cooperation in the area of training of computer literacy, signed by the Pension Fund and Rostelecom in 2014. The purpose of such cooperation is to make state electronic services more accessible to the aged and to enhance .life quality due to the increased computer literacy by training.

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