Due to the restrictions caused by the current epidemiologic situation the Pension Fund of Russia simplified the procedure of assignment of a number of pensions and benefits and ensures continuation of the payments in a proactive manner without involvement of the citizens.

Online procedure of pension assignment via personal cabinet

Today major part of pensions is dealt with in the online mode via personal cabinet  on the site of the Pension Fund and portal of state services. At the moment the share of electronic applications is more than 70%. For the most part pensions on the consent of the retired person are assigned basing on the data submitted by the employer to the PFR information system in the online mode.

In good time the territorial offices of the Pension Fund enter onto the personal accounts of the persons of preretirement age the data on the record  of work, wages , non-qualifying years , which are also taken into account. Following this, from 1st April to 30th June major part of pensions is assigned in the online mode without the need to appear in person.

Pension assignment by phone

If it is not possible to apply online, the PFR territorial offices, subject to availability, contact the person in question by phone and obtain the approval, which fact is indicated in the respective report. Basing on the report, the pension assignment application is formed and the process is launched.

It should be noted that the specialists of the Pension Fund never ask to submit any of the personal data, insurance policy number SNILS, payment card number or PIN or access password. If a person calling you by phone is interested in your personal data, beware of fraud. The Pension Fund strongly recommends not to trust such dubious phone calls or letters. And if you suspect a fraud immediately stop further communication.

Assignment of pensions to disabled persons and continuation of payments

All types of pensions to the disabled persons and some social benefits are assigned by the Pension Fund basing on the data from the Federal Register of Disabled Persons. The only thing a disabled person has to do is submission of the application, all other data are taken from the Federal Register. In this a disabled person has an opportunity to apply in the online mode without the need to appear in person.

Together with this from 1st March to 1st October 2020  temporary order of disability  qualification comes into force, according to it  the decision is taken on the basis of the respective documents from the healthcare institutions  and there is no need for a disabled person to deal with  the procedure of medical and social assessment.

Prolongation can be also made in the online mode. On expiration of the deadline, the validity is prolonged automatically and payments are continued for the period of half a year.

Assignment of Northern area pensions

All retired persons who live in the Northern areas are entitled to a fixed supplement to the insurance pension. Its amount depends on the place of residence and the benefit is assigned on the basis of the registration documents. The place of residence is confirmed by the personal application submitted by a retired person once a year to the Pension Fund to ensure continuation of payments.

Till July 2020  the retired persons don’t have to submit the application to the PFR territorial offices , since the specialists of the Pension Fund  themselves will be engaged in  clarification of the information,  making requests to the Ministry of Internal Affairs  or to the employers or communicating  by phone with the retired persons.

Continuation of payments relating to the loss-of-breadwinner pension

There is no need for the recipients of the loss-of-breadwinner pension who reached 18 to apply to the Pension Fund within the coming months to confirm the fact of continuing studies with the purpose of receiving payments.  Till the 1st of July   continuation of studies is assumed automatically.

The decision on continuation of payments by the PFR territorial offices is taken among other things on the basis of the data from the educational  institutions  and employers.

Continuation of payment of the pensions received by the persons acting by proxy

According to the Law a pensioner, who granted the right to the other person to be the  recipient of the pension by proxy , should appear in the client’s office of the Pensions Fund   or of the bank , engaged in delivery of the pension, once a year to  testify receipt of the payments . Till the 1st of July the fact of receipt of the pension is assumed automatically and payments will be continued after the deadline.


Continuation of payment of the pensions to the persons who don’t have registered place of residence  

The retired persons who don’t have registered place of residence on the territory of Russia are entitled to social pension. In accordance with the Law pensions to this category of citizens are assigned if there is an application stating the actual place of residence. Further on in order not to lose a right for the benefit the application should be renewed once a year. At the moment this procedure is suspended, so the retired persons don’t have to apply to the PFR for renewal.

Continuation of payment of the pensions to persons living abroad

Russian pensioners who live abroad shall once each year submit documents confirming receipt of the pension. With view to the current restrictions the procedure is simplified, from March to July the pensioners living abroad don’t have to submit to Russia the above documents confirming the right for continuation of payments.  On the strength of the respective resolution of the Government the fact of receipt will be assumed automatically. The regulations of the document extend to the pensioners whose documents, required for continuation of the payments expire within the period from 1st March to 31st May inclusive.

Continuation of payments out of the maternity capital

The families which are entitled to monthly payment out of the maternity capital don’t have to apply to the Pension Fund and confirm the family income and, the right to be granted the support measures. If the specified period  expires prior to the 1st October 2020 the payments will be continued automatically.

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