The Russian Pension Fund reminds that pensions are raised upon turning 80, working in the North or quitting a job not at the established dates throughout the year, for example, October 1, but upon the occurrence of relevant circumstances.

Pensions grow as soon as pensioners turn 80. There is no need to apply for a pension raise – the Pension Fund provides it automatically consistent with its database.

There is no fixed date for raising a pension of a working pensioner who gets employed in the North. It is necessary to file an application supported with relevant documents, and the Pension Fund will adjust the payments starting next month.

Please note that persons with the full period of employment in the North are entitled to retire five years earlier and to receive a higher pension irrespective of their place of residence. The minimal labor record for early retirement is 15 years in the Arctic and 20 years in similar territories. In this case, women are required to have an overall labor record of 20 years, and the overall labor record stands at 25 years for men. Whenever the labor record in the North is shorter, the retirement age is reduced by every year of work in a northern region.

Higher pensions are also paid to residents of the North. The insurance pension and the supplement are increased by the coefficient of a particular region.

There are also payment adjustments made on the same day every year. For instance, insurance pensions of most pensioners are enlarged on January 1, while state pensions, including social pensions, grow on April 1. Another date is August 1, when the Pension Fund raises insurance pensions of working pensioners and pension savings are paid consistent with the investment income.

All adjustments made on fixed dates during the year are automatic, and pensioners do not need to apply to the Pension Fund.




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