Since the beginning of this year, over 244,000 families spent maternity capital funds on the improvement of their living conditions. Same as before, this is the most popular option of the program. Over half, or 61% of all applications filed since January 1, chose that option.

About 195,000 families used maternity capital funds to fully or partially repay their loan or to make the first payment for buying or building a home. About 49,000 families more improved their living conditions without a loan. The Pension Fund transferred 84 billion rubles to families for that purpose.

Please note that parents can spend maternity capital funds on improving their living conditions directly through banks since 2020. While applying for a loan for the purchase or construction of a home, a family also submits an application for the first payment, the payment of interest or the loan with maternity capital funds. Instead of filing two applications, with a bank and the Pension Fund, a family can contact a bank only. Banks direct the applications and supporting documents to the PFR online, which expedites their processing.

It is possible to spend the money on an improvement of living conditions after the child, which entitles the family to maternity capital, turns three. The only exception is made for the first mortgage payment or the repayment of mortgage loans. In this case, a family can use the capital as soon as the child is either born or adopted.

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