As many as 87% of applications were filed with the Russian Pension Fund in the first quarter of this year in the online format, via an account on the PFR website or on the public services portal.

For instance, about 70% of applications for the assignment of pensions were filed online. In most cases, pensions were assigned online, with the applicant’s consent, on the basis of information from the Pension Fund database.

It is also possible to apply for the issuance of electronic certificates for other agencies via one’s account. The account contains information about pension points, work record and pension insurance contributions of the employer. Ninety percent of applications for information of the kind were also filed online.

The Pension Fund received 90% of applications for monthly benefits of single parents of children aged from eight to 17 and 87% of applications for benefits of pregnant women also in the online format.

Accounts of families that have maternity capital certificates contain current information about the sum they could spend for the chosen purposes. Practically all certificate holders check this information online, without visiting territorial divisions of the Fund. Some 68% of families also apply for spending maternity capital online.

In addition, the account allows to apply for benefits for care for the disabled. The share of such online applications stood at 72% in the first quarter of the year. The Pension Fund received 86% of applications for benefit for care for disabled children and people with lifelong disabilities online.

The account is a fast and convenient way of contacting the PFR without lines and waiting time. Full access to services requires a confirmed account on the public services portal. It is possible to get registered and receive the confirmation in most client services of the Pension Fund.

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