A new benefit for families with low income, established on the orders from the president, has been received by parents of 1.6 million children aged from eight to 17. In all, 24.3 billion rubles have been paid to the families.

Consistent with the rules, applications for the benefit are processed within ten days. Whenever the application is denied, the family is duly notified within one working day since the day when the decision is made. If the benefit is approved, the money is transferred to the family account within five working days.

It is possible to apply for the benefit on the public services portal, PFR client offices and multifunctional centers. In Moscow, the benefit is assigned by social protection services, so applications need to be filed on the Mos.ru portal.  

Please note that the benefit is assigned upon comprehensive assessment of family needs if an average per capita income is below the regional subsistence minimum, family assets meet the relevant qualifications, and parents have a confirmed income or a valid reason for its absence.

The amount of benefit depends on the parent income. It may reach 50%, 75% or 100% of the regional child subsistence minimum.

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